The next meeting of Prudhoe Town Council is the Ordinary Meeting being held on Wednesday 27th March, commencing at 7:00pm..
21 March 2019

The next meeting of Prudhoe Town Council is the Ordinary Meeting being held on Wednesday 27th March, commencing at 7:00pm in meeting room 1 of The Spetchells Centre.

Please note that we are experiencing capacity issues with our website, which will be resolved in 6-8 weeks when we launch a brand new website, as a result we are only able to upload the agenda for the meeting, see below:


The next meeting of Prudhoe Town Council is the Cemetery Committee Meeting.....
12 March 2019

The next meeting of Prudhoe Town Council is the Cemetery Committee meeting, being held on Wednesday 20th March at 7:00 pm in Meeting Room 1 of The Spetchells Centre.

The next meeting of Prudhoe Town Council is the Planning, Contract and Works Committee..
07 March 2019

The next meeting of Prudhoe Town Council is the Planning, Contract and Works Committee, being held on Wednesday 13th March at 7:00 pm in Meeting Room 1 of The Spetchells Centre.


Roadworks on Station Road..
21 February 2019

ROAD CLOSURE - C255 Station Road Prudhoe

23/03/2019 - 25/04/2019

Road is expected to be closed Saturday-Thursday between the hours of 22:00-00:00 and 05:00-07:00 for the duration of the order.

Story Contracting Ltd - Road Closure to allow road rail vehicles to access from the road onto the railway via the level crossing.

For more details, please click on the link below which will take you to the Northumberland County Council interactive map.

Edgewell Cemetery Gates..
07 February 2019

Edgewell Cemetery

Prudhoe Town Council own, manage and maintain Edgewell Cemetery under a service level agreement with Northumberland County Council. 

Following a review of the service level agreement it has been agreed that the gates into both the New Cemetery (Edgewell East) and the Old Cemetery (Edgewell West) will no longer be closed.  This change will take effect from 1st April 2019.

The main reason for this decision is cost, presently the opening and closing of the cemetery gates makes up almost 25% of the overall cost of the cemetery contract, set against the fact that none of the other 24 cemeteries in Northumberland are locked; they are open 24 hours/day. 

Prudhoe Town Council is mindful that anyone wishing to gain entry to either cemetery could do so even if the gates were locked; over the hedge into the new cemetery and over a wall or fence into the old cemetery.  When the change was debated the council did enquire about any issues with damage/vandalism in any of the other Northumberland cemeteries and it was confirmed that there wasn’t a problem.

Prudhoe Town Council has a fiduciary responsibility to the tax payers of Prudhoe to ensure value for money; taking into account the risks set against the costs, it was agreed that the council would follow the 24-hour access model applied throughout Northumberland.

Please rest assured that Prudhoe Town Council, in partnership with Northumberland County Council, is committed to providing a high standard of maintenance at Edgewell Cemetery and have a track record of investment in improvements and development, especially over the last 8 years.  Although the cemetery service level agreement is changing in terms of how work is carried out, standards will remain high and we will continue to monitor these and listen to your concerns.

With regards memorials in the cemetery, Prudhoe Town Council cannot insure memorials as they do not belong to us.  Grave owners are encouraged to seek advice from the National Association of Memorial Masons on reputable insurance providers who offer insurance specifically for memorials in public burial grounds.

For further information on the decisions taken in regards the Edgewell Cemetery Service Level Agreement please contact the office or read the papers for the meeting of the council, held on 28th November 2018.

Cessation of Prudhoe Town Council TV Licence Grant Scheme for those aged 65 and over.....
17 January 2019

Cessation of Prudhoe Town Council TV Licence Grant Refund Scheme for those aged 65 and over.

The TV Licence Scheme was launched in 1980 by Prudhoe Town Council.  It was said to be the second such scheme in the country, the first having been set up by Sheffield City Council. The initial licence grant was for £12 per application, paid to qualifying residents in the form of TV Licence stamps.  Until 2008-9, the value of the grant was £15 per licence, but it was then raised to £30.

Over the years there have been a number of changes to the administration of the scheme, the result being that the council now pays £30 cash to those eligible residents who seek the grant, following eligibility checks being carried out by the Karbon Homes customer services desk in the library.

The Scheme is not means-tested, providing you are a Prudhoe resident, in receipt of state retirement pension and have paid your TV licence, the £30 refund will be paid over.

At its meeting last night, the council considered the future of the scheme, taking into consideration the following points:

That the council has to be able to satisfy itself that the benefit of the scheme is proportionate to the expenditure incurred.

That further changes are required to the administration of the scheme in view that Karbon Homes is no longer able to support the council, and following questions from the council’s external auditor.

That the council should ensure that all those entitled are aware of the scheme through better advertising and should budget accordingly.We currently commit £12,000 in the budget to this scheme.

That currently all those entitled to the £30 grant do not claim it.Based on the last published census the cost would be £32,850 if they did (1,095 population between age 65-74).

In June 2020 the Government will cease to fund the free TV Licence for the over 75’s and the decision as to whether it continues will be taken by the BBC.It is probable that the BBC will not support this, subsequently increasing the likely number of claimants.

In considering the above points, the council agreed at its meeting last night that the TV Licence Refund Scheme should cease at the end of the financial year. 

Councillors were mindful that if better publicised the scheme could result in a far greater expenditure than the council had ever committed to the scheme and therefore a bigger burden on the council tax payers of Prudhoe.

Councillors were concerned about the impact on those in real need of discontinuing the scheme, but in view that it is not means-tested were accepting that there was no way of establishing this.

The refund will continue to be paid until 31st March 2019 to those who have not have not already claimed in the current financial year.

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