Council Contracts and Procurement

Current list of suppliers/contractors

The Town Council work with a number of suppliers and contractors to deliver services and where possible, we will seek to use local providers.  Suppliers agreed with commencement in the next financial year will be updated in March.

Our Financial Regulations apply for all orders for work and in the procurement process.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS CONTRACT 2020-2023 (Contract Value est. <£25,000)

The contract for the installation, test/storage/repair and dismantle of the town’s Christmas Lights displays is open.  All procurement documents are available to download below:

Christmas Lights Advert

Christmas  Lights Invitation to Tender – Specification

Current Display Photographs

Supplier Form (for completion) WORD FORMAT

Supplier Form (for completion) PDF FORMAT

Contractor Obligations

Any questions regarding this contract should be addressed to Sarah Eden


The environmental contracts of Prudhoe Town Council due to commence on 1st April 2020 for a 3-year term, were recently tendered and the following contractors have been appointed:

Formal Floral Bedding, Planters and Hanging Baskets

Hollybush Landscaping at a cost of £118,717 over 3 years.


THC Landscaping at a cost of £21,420 over 3 years.

Landscaped Gateways and Roundabouts

THC Landscaping at a cost of £14,352 over 3 years.

Wildflower Displays

Airdale Forestry at a cost of £1,784 over 3 years.