An update on delegated decisions

The last physical meeting of Prudhoe Town Council was held on the 25th March.  When social distancing was first being introduced the Council made every effort possible to convene a meeting so that a scheme of delegation could be agreed to allow business continuity and endorsement of community support.  It was a very different meeting with tables and chairs spaced 2-metres apart and much of the business, that was not deemed essential, deferred for another time.  You can download the Draft Minutes of the meeting HERE and on the meeting pages.

The Town Council agreed to delegate decisions to the Clerk, in consultation with those Councillors in Chair and Vice-Chair roles, as permitted by the Local Government Act 1972, section 101.  The system is working and whilst meetings cannot be held physically and publicly at the moment, the decisions taken are available on our website on the usual meeting and finance pages.   For ease, the latest decisions of the Council are available below:

Delegated Decisions 23042020 (including Planning Applications considered and responded to)

ATP23042020 (Accounts paid since the last meeting)

The Council continues to work closely with the Northumberland Hub in response to Covid-19 and is in regular contact with the team of volunteers actively working in the community and ‘waiting in the wings’.

The table below is an approximation of the numbers being helped in our community.  You can see that there are 43 active volunteers, shopping and collecting prescriptions for over 90 people.  There are also have 58 volunteers ‘waiting in the wings’ ready to step up when needed.  The community response in Prudhoe has been phenomenal, and not just by the volunteers, by those businesses that are staying open to provide much needed services; food, medicine, hardware, essentials.

Castlefields & Low Prudhoe Prudhoe Hall Castle & Eltringham Prudhoe West & Halfway West Wylam Total
Referred to Hub/Adult & Social Care Team 1 0 1 0 0 2
Shopping 3 23 20 0 11 57
Collecting Prescriptions 1 11 8 0 14 34
Active Volunteers 3 10 12 13 5 43
Volunteers ‘waiting in the wings’ 18 16 9 6 9 58

The Miners Lamp Cafe and Community Hub is working exceptionally hard, with 25 volunteers making-up and delivering food to around ten families each week.  Additionally, they are receiving around 50 visitors each week to their ‘pay as you feel’ market, which helps fund food bank supplies from surplus produce donations from supermarkets.

As we head out to clap each Thursday, we can also thank the carers and front-line workers in our wonderful community.