Christmas Countdown…

With 43 days to go until the big day itself and only 17 days until the Prudhoe Christmas Lights Switch-On, we thought it was about time we announced who would be switching on the Christmas Lights, along with Santa Claus, of course.

The boys and girls of Prudhoe appear to have a couple of favourites this year, so we will welcome the LOL dolls and Fortnight characters to our wonderful town, to help us celebrate and get into the Christmas spirit, along with Santa Claus, of course.

There are some new lights this year, but we will wait and see who notices what is different before we point them out.  Although they are in place, you won’t see their full effect until 6:30pm on Friday 29th November, right through until the New Year.

Many children write a letter to Santa Claus and we will have a very festive post box at the switch-on.  If you want to bring your letter along, Prudhoe Town Council will make sure it gets to the North Pole in time for Christmas.

As well as singing from our sensational school choirs, mulled wine and mince pies from the ever-supporting Prudhoe Co-op, dancing courtesy of Mister Disco Man and our visiting guests, we would also like to invite the young people of Prudhoe to make and decorate a ‘Christmas Wish’ with Prudhoe Guides.  We aren’t promising to make all the wishes come true but we would like to use them to decorate our own Christmas tree as part of Prudhoe’s Christmas tree festival and we are sure it will be our best entry yet!

Did we mention Santa Claus?  He will of course be arriving in style, helped along by the Mid-Tyne Lions, and will lead the countdown to the turning of the Christmas lights, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

We will be starting slightly earlier this year, at 4:30pm, as there is a lot to fit in before the switch-on.  We hope you will also be able to visit the Spetchells Christmas Fair, which opens at 3:00pm and promises lots to keep the kids entertained.  So, get wrapped up and come straight from the school run, we are spoilt for choice in Prudhoe for places to eat, so why not make a night of it.

Please remember that the road will be closed from the junction of Victoria Terrace to the top of Station Bank, from 4:30pm until 6:45pm.  You will still have access to the Co-op car park from the west and the Legion and Oaklands car park from the east; the official notice will be posted when received from County Council.