Smart New Bus Shelter for Beaumont Way

A smart, new, bus shelter has been installed at Beaumont Way (travelling East) on Tuesday morning.

Prudhoe Town Council were asked to consider installing a shelter in this area of town, part way through the previous financial year.  The funding was agreed in January 2019 and thanks to Capital Small Schemes funding from County Councillor Ken Stow (Cllr for Prudhoe North) of £2,000, the dent in the Town Council budget and subsequent cost to the Prudhoe taxpayer was reduced to £1,661 (Total Net Cost £3,661).

Whilst the Town Council recognise the importance and need for seating at bus shelters and for optimum shelter from the elements; the shelter design chosen was the only one that ensured the permitted pavement clearance (without a seat).  Northumberland County Council, as the Highways Authority, were consulted on the type of bus shelter permitted and it was agreed that the pavement was too narrow and any type of seat would create a potential obstruction – standing room only!

Following residents requests, Prudhoe Town Council has also recently agreed to install locally-made seats in six stone shelters in Prudhoe South and a very popular and attractive public seat at the top of the link path from Scales Crescent to the bus shelter opposite Priestclose Cottages (travelling East).  These will be installed at the earliest opportunity and as well as being very excited and proud to be working with two local trades in the town, we are pleased to have had funding for the project approved from County Cllr Gordon Stewart’s (Cllr for Prudhoe South) Capital Small Schemes Fund.  More information will be released about this project as the seats are made.