Playgrounds remain closed – please continue to stay safe by not using the equipment

In line with Government advice, all playgrounds have remained closed to the public since 23rd March.  Parks and green spaces remained open to allow outdoor exercise and more recently some outdoor sporting facilities (including Skate Parks) were able to open.

Whilst recognising the importance and value of play to young people and families, we cannot ignore that playground equipment, by its very nature, is a contact surface.  Playgrounds are also designed to encourage social interaction, the opposite of social distancing.  These factors have contributed to playgrounds being part of the Government’s Step 3 Covid-19 Recovery Strategy, along with bars and restaurants and others in the retail and leisure industry.

The Government has issued advice that playgrounds may be opened from 4th July, if those responsible for them consider they are able to and they can do so in a way that is safe and minimises COVID-19 transmission risk.  Prudhoe Town Council is responsible for the following playgrounds, all of which will remain closed, until the Council agrees otherwise:

  • Highfield Park
  • West Mickley Play Area
  • Castledene Play Area
  • The Copse Play Area

Our contractors have put up signs and secured gates on numerous occasions, but these have been repeatedly removed; more secure locks will be added.

Risk assessments are being compiled and will be presented to the Council at it’s meeting on Wednesday 8th July; any actions will be agreed at that meeting.  The information presented will be available to the public in the usual way.  It will be uploaded prior to the meeting, and before Thursday 25th June .  The Council will also consider the reopening of South Road Public Toilets at this meeting.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and adherence to Government and NHS Advice.  Stay safe.