Prudhoe Town Council – Casual Vacancy – Prudhoe West and Halfway Ward

Following the resignation of Brenda Grey, there is a casual vacancy for a Town Councillor in the Prudhoe West and Halfway Ward.

Those who keep up to date with Town Council business will be aware that a Casual Vacancy in the Castle and Eltringham Ward also remains vacant.  In regards this previously declared vacancy, an election was called, but could not be held due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The legal situation remains, that the Town Council cannot fill the vacancy, via co-option, in view that an election has been called.  Local Elections are not expected to be permitted prior to May 2021.

In regards the newly declared vacancy, should an election be called, the situation will be as described above.  In the event that an election is not called, the Council will be permitted to co-opt into the vacant position.