Prudhoe Town Council Meeting – Wednesday 28th July 2021

Please find attached the agenda and associated papers for the next meeting of the Council, being held on Wednesday 28th July at 7:00pm in meeting room 1 and 2 of the Spetchells Centre.

The meeting is open to the press and public with limited capacity.  However, we would prefer those who are interested in proceedings, to watch via our Facebook live stream.  Any questions on items on the agenda, can be made to the respective chair of the meeting; these must be received by 5:00pm on Tuesday 27th July.

Chair of Council and Ordinary Meeting – Cllr Bryan Futers, email

Chair of Planning, Contract & Works Committee – Cllr Duncan Couchman, email


Enc i) DRAFT OM&PCW 300621

Enc ii) DRAFT Minutes CEM070721

Enc iii) AGREED Cemetery Fees, 1st August 2021

Enc iv) DRAFT REPORT HRM070721

Enc v) Clerk’s Report – July

Enc vi) County Cllr Gordon Stewart – July 2021

Enc vii) Budget and Expenditure 2021-22 (July update)

Enc viii) Bank Reconciliation – July 2021

Enc ix) Accounts to Pay 280721

Enc x) Notice of Consultation – Main Modifications (June 2021)

Enc xi) Summary of change to Northern Service

Enc xii) Mickley Leek Club

Enc xiii) PGA minutes 2 June 2021

Enc xiv) NCC Town & Parish Liaison

Enc xv) Tanga Letter

Enc xvi) Resident Email (Front Street)

Enc xvii) Draft Allotment Tenancy 2021

Risk Assessment, The Spetchells, July 2021

Attendee Guidelines, July 2021