Prudhoe Town Council urge that zebra crossing is needed on St. Matthew’s Lane, alongside Puffin Crossing planned for South Road

Northumberland County Council (NCC) has promised and worked towards a pedestrian crossing on South Road since the difficulties recruiting a school crossing patrol proved insurmountable in June 2017.

In May 2018 NCC confirmed that a pedestrian crossing would be the best solution and it was later agreed that the scheme would be included in the 2019/20 Local Transport Plan, with additional funding from County Cllrs Ken Stow and Gordon Stewart.  The crossing is expected in this financial year.

Nearby residents have recently been advised of the proposed design for the scheme and details were copied to Prudhoe Town Council for comment.

Whilst the Town Council remains supportive of a pedestrian crossing, with the safety of children a priority, we did raise some concerns.  The most significant issue raised is that although the proposed puffin crossing will take pedestrians safely across South Road, onto the island of St. Matthew’s Hall, crossing St. Matthew’s Lane could be more problematic and particularly unsafe, especially during peak times.

Prudhoe Town Council suggested that the proposed speed hump on St. Matthew’s Lane should incorporate a zebra crossing, thereby ensuring that cars are legally obliged to stop and allow those who have just crossed at the pedestrian crossing to cross the 2nd road safely.

Northumberland County Council has responded that a zebra crossing is still under consideration, that the speed hump will stay on St. Matthew’s Lane, but a zebra could go on top of it.  Further updates will be given as they are received.