The next meeting of Prudhoe Town Councl will be held on Wednesday 25th March at 7:00pm

Alongside, taking the advice of the Government and doing all we can to protect staff and Councillors.  The Council does need to fulfil statutory obligations in regards decision-making.  We are required, by law, to consider only those motions that have been placed on a properly publicised agenda, with decisions taken in a meeting that is open to the press and public.

We are short of Councillors, as some are self-isolating, but we have sufficient, at this moment in time, to be quorate (i.e. legal numbers to hold the meeting).  The press and public are legally entitled to attend the meeting, but we hope that people follow the advice of the Government and avoid unnecessary social contact.

As a priority, the Council will agree extended delegation, in case we cannot meet moving forward.  Most importantly, the Council will consider how we can be best placed to support the community in these very difficult times.


Enc i) Draft Minutes 26022020

Enc ii) DRAFT MINUTES PCW11032020

Enc iii) Notice of Election 170320

Enc iv) March Bank Reconciliation

Enc v) Updated Budget & Expenditure 2019-20 (March)

Enc vi) Corro from NCC Countryside & Green Spaces Mgr – Waterworld Play Area

Enc vi) Prudhoe Waterworld Play Area visuals (a)

Enc vi) Prudhoe Waterworld Play Area Layout view 1 (b)

Enc vi) Prudhoe Waterworld Play Area Layout view 2 (c)

Enc vii) Draft heads of terms Waterworld Play Area

Enc viii) GN-102-Covid-19-Practical-Steps-for-Clerks

Enc ix) Contingency

Enc x) Community Response