The Town Council support the Royal British Legion in their belief that it is important that the above day be marked publicly in the life of our community, as it is nationally and internationally, as a day of commemoration and commitment.  Also, that it is right to honour all those who have given their lives and those who continue to do so in the service of their country, and to offer some continuing strength and comfort to the bereaved families.

How we REMEMBERED in 2020 was significantly different to previous years, but what we REMEMBERED continued with the same heartful meaning.

The Town Council, along with the Prudhoe Branch of the Royal British Legion and St. Mary Magdalene Church, shared the town’s disappointment that we could not gather in numbers, organising and watching the Remembrance Parade and Service.  We did however REMEMBER in a way that was personal and meaningful to us.

This town has a strong and powerful commitment to Remembrance, and we wanted to ensure that this was demonstrated and shared in as many ways as possible, whilst at the same time ensuring everyone’s safety.

Please watch our commemorative video by clicking below.  The video includes the Act of Remembrance, the laying of wreaths and a magnificent montage of photographs of Remembrance Parades and Services, over the years in Prudhoe.   Thank you very much to John Robson for such a wonderful job.




  • Jed and Margaret Devlin have created a waterfall of poppies on the Glade.


  • Please find below, some online resources for children to enjoy at home (click on the image to open as a PDF).











Further resources are available online from the Royal British Legion.

  • We will display 2020 Remembrance Wreaths on The Glade, on a new framework designed and built by CJL Fenwick.










We will REMEMBER them…

Our incredibly special commemorative video was made possible thanks to all those featured in this year’s Act of Remembrance and wreath laying, but also to those who have taken part in Prudhoe’s Remembrance Parade and Service in previous years.

Prudhoe Town Council would like to especially thank the following for their hard work and dedication in ensuring that how Prudhoe Remembers in 2020 is fitting and lasting.

  • Mrs Irene Davis, Secretary of the Prudhoe Branch of the RBL, Women’s Section
  • The Prudhoe Branch of the Royal British Legion
  • Rev. Daniel Freyhan and St Mary Magdalene Church
  • Mr Jed Devlin and Mrs Margaret Devlin
  • Mr John Baron – Scorpion Joinery
  • Chris and Gary Fenwick – CJL Fenwick
  • Mr John Robson (Videographer)
  • Mrs Moira Wooldridge (Photographer)
  • Mr Bill Wooldridge (Photographer)
  • North Tyneside Pipe Band (Soundtrack)

The Act of Remembrance featured:

  • Rev. Daniel Freyhan
  • Rev. Judith Grieves DL
  • Cllr Tracy Gilmore, Mayor of Prudhoe
  • Mrs Irene Davis, Prudhoe Branch of the RBL, Women’s Section
  • Mrs Margaret Wilkes, Prudhoe Branch of the RBL, Women’s Section
  • Mr John Gaut, Prudhoe Branch of the RBL, Men’s Section (Standard Bearer/Exhortation Reading)
  • Miss Jacqueline Davis, Prudhoe Branch of the RBL, Women’s Section (Standard Bearer)
  • Miss Darcie Athey (Kohima Epitaph Reading)
  • Miss Debra Smurthwaite (Trumpeter)