Resigning Members – Election Results 2021

On Monday 10th May (the 4th day after ordinary elections), in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972, ss 16 (3), Cllr Jennifer McGee, Cllr Russ Greig, and Cllr Robert Mullens will resign their seats in the West Wylam and Prudhoe Hall Wards.

Cllr Jennifer McGee

Cllr Jennifer McGee is one of the longest serving members of Prudhoe Town Council, and a Councillor for Tynedale District Council before that.  Cllr Jennifer McGee served the Town as Mayor and Chair over many consecutive years and most recently chaired the Council’s Planning, Contract and Works Committee.

Over such a long history in local politics there is bound to be enough material to write a book, with successes and failures, but Cllr Jennifer McGee’s record of service will always stand testament to her commitment to Prudhoe.

Cllr Jennifer McGee missed very few meetings and was an informed and competent Chair and Member, often relied upon to read the detail of lengthy documents.  Planning matters were a priority and a great interest, and council colleagues would be guided by Cllr McGee’s vast knowledge.

Cllr Jennifer McGee promoted events in the town and pushed for Prudhoe Town Council to make events bigger and better for families and young people.  Always behind Grant Aid for Community Groups, Youth Provision and Play Areas, Cllr McGee worked with the Council to improve the town, over many years.

Prudhoe in Bloom was a large part of Cllr McGee’s role, informed by a background in horticulture.  Cllr McGee was a catalyst in the push for Prudhoe Town Council to take on the formal floral bedding, baskets, and planters in the town, which have gone from strength to strength since.

Prudhoe Town Council is extremely grateful to Cllr Jennifer McGee for the years of service and dedication and wish her well in the future.

Cllr Russ Greig

Cllr Russ Greig joined Prudhoe Town Council in 2017 and very quickly became an active member.  Cllr Greig was instrumental in the Council’s move towards a more professional online presence with a government domain named website and corporate email addresses.  Cllr Greig was committed to sharing the work of the Town Council with residents and looked for ways that residents could engage with the Council.

Cllr Greig’s employment knowledge and commitment to staffing matters served the Council well and he maintained the role Human Resources Chair throughout his term.  His extensive knowledge will be a very hard act to follow.

Cllr Greig is a proud West Wylam resident and during his term of office he achieved so much for the ward, irrespective of, and in addition to his role as Cllr.  His achievements at Eastwood Park and the Miner’s Lamp Café and Community Hub are far reaching, and life changing for many.

Cllr Greig is not old in years, but his knowledge of the history of Prudhoe would tutor and astound many.  This deep appreciation of Prudhoe’s past propels a great many projects that Cllr Greig has achieved, and no doubt, will go on to achieve in the future.  Cllr Greig has a remarkable ability to be drive forward in a very modern way, but at the same time respecting, commemorating and protecting what has been – a true conservationist.

Prudhoe Town Council is so grateful for what Cllr Russ Greig has helped achieve at the Miners Lamp Café and Community Hub, and for his service to Prudhoe Town Council, and look forward to working with him and Friends of Eastwood Park in the future.

Cllr Rob Mullens

Cllr Rob Mullens was co-opted onto Prudhoe Town Council in December 2020 and sadly did not get the opportunity to sit around the table with council colleagues, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Prudhoe Town Council wishes Cllr Mullens well in future endeavours and hopes he will continue to take a keen interest in the Council.

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