Town Council Play Areas will reopen on Friday 18th September

Prudhoe Town Council Play Areas at Highfield Park, West Mickley, Castledene and The Copse, will reopen on Friday 18th September.  The play areas will reopen under strict new guidelines that will be illustrated on newly installed signage, as well as being available on this website.

The Council remains apprehensive about reopening with infection rates on the increase.  In addition to infection rates rising, Councillors continue to feel cautious due to limited powers of monitoring and enforcement and no track and trace system available.

That being said, Councillors voted with a majority to reopen the play areas.  Members are vocal about trusting parental responsibility and sensible adherence to the guidelines in place.

The Town Council further agreed that it would act quickly if the guidelines in place were not being followed.

Whilst warm weather continues, the Town Council hope the play areas can be enjoyed safely.