Embracing Local Democracy at Adderlane Academy

Adderlane Academy embraced ‘democracy’ this week, taking part in Local Democracy Week 2020 which runs from 12th – 18th October.

Local Democracy Week is a way of helping people to be part of civic life and to have a voice in the issues that really matter in our local communities.  Adderlane Academy invited Town Mayor, Cllr Tracy Gilmore, and County Councillor Gordon Stewart along to talk to year 4 pupils.

The young people were keen to learn about different roles, recognising that the Prime Minister, Local Councillors, and the Mayor are all quite different, including making lots of references to the President of America.

Cllr Tracy Gilmore was delighted that the young people recognised their roles and those of Councils and Councillors as being involved in things that matter to them and to the community; play parks being top of their agenda.

Adderlane Academy are proud of their involvement in the community and have strong links with County Councillor Gordon Stewart, who is the Councillor for their area.  Also connecting with the Miners Lamp Café and Community Hub, which they opened, and The Manors, where until recently they were regular visitors.

Year 4 teacher, Wendy Cortis described that the children were very keen to know about Parliament and voting and that County Cllr Gordon Stewart should expect a lot more questions next week.

The opportunity to share the role of Mayor is something Cllr Tracy Gilmore is very keen to do more of and Local Democracy Week was a great occasion to do this.

A big thumbs up from everyone.

(Photograph provided by Headteacher – Adderlane Academy, Emma Potts.  Pictured: Year 4 pupils, Mayor, Cllr Tracy Gilmore and County Councillor Gordon Stewart)