Young people are gearing up to get the wheels in motion for a new skate park at Highfield Park

Young people are ‘jumping’ at the opportunity to have their say on the future of Highfield Park Skate Park.  The first gathering of our enthusiastic youngsters will be held on Tuesday 3rd March, from 6:00pm in The Spetchells Centre.

We want to encourage our young people to take ownership of this project, alongside Prudhoe Town Council.  We will listen to what they want in terms of the design and hopefully we’ll develop their teamworking, communication and budgeting skills along the way.  Above all, we want them to enjoy being involved and making a difference!

The Town Council is financially and socially committed to this project.  £50,000 has been ear-marked from the 2020/21 budget, and as well as seeking capital from funders when the project is underway, the Council is mindful that investment may be required from the 2021/22 budget also.

Young people who want to be involved must have parent/carer permission, however it’s not too late, contact Sarah Eden at the Town Council office to make arrangements.