Andy’s Seat – a fine-looking seat for an exceptionally fine gentleman

St. Matthews Hall (also known as The Catholic Club) is synonymous with the gentleman who looked after it for many years, Mr Andy Gill.

As most will know, Andy was a Town Councillor for over 23 years. He sadly died in September at the age of 78 but was still serving the community just weeks before his death.

When Prudhoe Town Council replaced the seat outside St. Matthew’s Hall, it was agreed wholeheartedly that the seat should be commemorated in Andy’s name, as a lasting tribute to someone who did such a lot for the town.

Andy was a much loved character and those who knew him well will smile knowingly at the epitaph (click on the image).

The seat was installed by John Baron (Scorpion Joinery) at no cost.  John knew Andy very well and he was always the person he turned to for many jobs around the house, so it is especially fitting that John installed the seat, which he described as an honour.

We hope that friends of Andy will stop for a rest and a chat, on their travels up and down South Road, and remember him fondly.

It is certainly a fine-looking seat for an exceptionally fine gentleman.

Plaque Reads:

Commemorating Councillor Andy Gill

Dedicated and Respected

1942 – 2020

Sadly missed and warmly remembered

A man of detail, often first to point out a problem,

but more often first to solve it.

Thank you for your service to Prudhoe