What a difference a bin makes…

The investment made by the Town Council in the bins, seats and shelters in the town is beginning to show, particularly on Front Street.

We have installed smart new bins, replacing the rusted old-style bins of the past.  With 15 bins on Front Street alone, there is no excuse for not being responsible when it comes to disposing of your litter, dog’s waste or cigarette ends.  The bins in the town are multi-purpose and can be used for all.

Whilst the Town Council is making a large investment of over £20,000 in replacement litter bins over the next 3 years, there are no plans to provide additional litter bins.  Northumberland County Council are responsible for emptying bins as part of our neighbourhood services and have declared we are at capacity, with over 100 in Prudhoe and Mickley.

Glen from G&S Electrics is especially impressed with the bins and the new ashtray is a welcome addition which he hopes means there won’t be any small fires in the future – he can put the watering can away!