Town Council tree inventory requires suitably qualified professional to undertake work

As part of an ongoing commitment to the formalised management of Town Council assets, the Council is seeking costs for the development of a tree inventory, including inspection and management plan.

A typical tree survey report will include a description of each tree (including image), its dimensions and state of health, work requirements (if any) and timescales to complete the work, in addition to each tree’s location.

If you have the professional capabilities to complete this work, the Town Council would like to hear from you.

Please note that we required a quote for the production of a tree survey report only.  At this stage, we are not seeking quotes for tree management work.  If tree maintenance/management is required, this will be considered separately.

Further information about the work can be found in the Tree Inventory, Inspection and Management Tender document, linked below.

Tree Inventory, Inspection and Management Tender

Tenders should be returned by Friday 4th December 2020.  The Town Council will consider those received at a meeting on Wednesday 16th December 2020.

The Town Council will agree to award the work based on suitability, experience, presentation of report and cost.

Please contact Sarah Eden if you have any questions or to arrange accompanied site visits.

Tel: (01661) 835487

Mobile: 07495856624