Highfield Skate Park – the wheels are in motion, get involved

This year, the number of young visitors to Highfield Park Skate Park has increased significantly.  The scooter element of Highfield Fest was more popular than ever and the light nights and summer holidays have drawn skate and scooter enthusiasts to the park in droves.

Prudhoe Town Council has been aware for a little while that the ramps and equipment at Highfield Park Skate Park require welds and repairs more frequently and that they may be coming to the end of their life.  Gary Newton, who helped facilitate Highfield Fest alongside Island Extreme, his son, Josh Newton‘s professional scooter team, wrote to the Council; his letter was received at the meeting last Wednesday and it was agreed that the Clerk would set the wheels in motion for a user group to look at options for Highfield Park Skate Park.

The Clerk, Sarah Eden and Gary Newton are looking for young people who wish to be involved and will be actively seeking park users to be part of the project for Highfield Park Skate Park; they know exactly where to find them!  Parental consent will be required for any young person who expresses an interest in being involved.

This ‘hot off the press’ decision is in the very early stages, but if anyone has any questions or would like to register their interest, please feel free to contact the Town Council office.