Honouring George McCreedy

Prudhoe Town Council was deeply saddened to hear that former Councillor, Mr George McCreedy died in the early hours of Sunday morning.

George had his wonderful family with him, and we hope they will find the strength they need over the coming months, as they come to terms with their loss.  A man like George impacted so many lives, but it is George’s wife, his children, and his grandchildren, who will feel the heartache most deeply.  As we reflect on the amazing contribution George made to Prudhoe, we honour George’s family as well the legend that is George McCreedy.

There are very few community groups in Prudhoe that George has not championed at one time or another.  He was a major force behind Prudhoe Youth Football Club, Town Twinning and of course Prudhoe Youth, especially The East Centre, however George made time for many others too.  If you were doing good things in our town, George was behind you all the way, giving his time and where possible funding.

George was without judgement, especially of young people.  His aim was to engage them, support them and to make a difference to their lives.  For decades George did exactly that, and there will be countless young people for whom he had an impact.  Whether that was a simple youth session playing pool, organising a trip to the ice-rink, a music concert, funding sports equipment so they could pursue their dream, providing a job, or simply good old-fashioned advice – George McCreedy delivered.

George would make things happen; if you had an idea, he would support it. Often people deliberate, miss the bigger picture, and look for reasons not to do things, not George.  George was the major force behind most Prudhoe Town Council events, and the photographs of George at Highfield Fest and the Kite Festival show him in his element. George rejoiced when he saw families flying rainbow kites over Prudhoe; it was such a spectacular image, and it was down to him.

George, like the late Andy Gill, was instrumental in putting together the very first Prudhoe Town Fair, and Christmas Lights displays of days gone by, long before being a Councillor.  Nowadays, committees and teams of people run events – who knows how they managed to get things done in the past, but they did and to great delight.  Townsfolk were amazed to see the likes of Night Owl Alan Robson and Auf Wiedersehen Pet’s Tim Healy at events, but that was part of George’s charm.  It is a rare gift to be able to bring so many people together, but the community did come together for George and he for them.

COVID was especially devastating for George and Judy as they isolated from early March, only seeing close family through the window or over Zoom.  It speaks to their selfless characters and commitment to Prudhoe that they frequently spoke out to commend those who were volunteering, wishing they could also.  They had both done more than their fair share of community support over the years, and they needed to sit this one out.

George will be fondly remembered for many things and those who have heard of Prudhoe, will no doubt have heard of George McCreedy.  George’s lasting legacy, as well as his amazing family, is without a doubt the young people he helped over many years.  Those who dropped out, disengaged, felt lost and without hope, or those who just needed a safe space.  Those who needed encouragement and support to follow their dreams and aspirations, and those who just wanted to hang-out and enjoy time with their friends.  George McCreedy understood all of that, which is why in 1997 he received an MBE for services to young people.

Cllr Bryan Futers (Town Mayor) recounted George as a great friend and colleague on Prudhoe Town Council, who always put the town first.  Fellow Councillors have spoken of George’s commitment and dedication and his generosity, always willing to give more time.

The George’s of the world do not come along very often.  George was a true gentleman and an absolute legend, who will be much missed but never forgotten.

“There are some who bring a light so great to the world, that even after they are gone the light remains”

(Written and published with the family’s permission)