It is still an offence not to pick up after your dog

Do the right thing and pick up after your dog, please!

During these very difficult times people are more than ever trying to enjoy their immediate neighbourhood.  Many are recapturing places they have not visited for a while.  Others enjoy walking through their streets, chatting with neighbours.  The public is being encouraged to take daily exercise, at the same time as following the Government and NHS Guidelines on social distancing.  Getting out and about in our wonderful community is the ideal way to do that.

Community spirit is much lifted, but unfortunately there are some who think it is acceptable to leave their dog’s mess on pavements, grass verges and the like.  Or, to bag it and hang it on trees and fences.  Sadly, there is definitely an increase.  Possibly, as there are less folk passing by to witness this disgusting act.

It is an offence not to pick up after your dog and if caught there is a hefty fine.

Please, do the right thing by your dog and your community.