Take a load off while waiting for the bus

Following a couple of requests from residents for seating in the traditional stone bus shelters in the town, including Nel Kingman pictured, residents and visitors are now able to take a load off whilst waiting for the bus.  This is a seating solution that has been achieved via local collaboration, so it’s one we certainly want to celebrate.

Off the shelf seats that met our needs were costly, made of metal and produced elsewhere, however, by talking to local joiner John Baron of Scorpion Joinery, a local solution was found.  John approached Chris and Gary Fenwick of CJL Fenwick for the metalwork and the finished result looks great.

When County Cllr Gordon Stewart heard about the project, that would benefit many of the residents in his ward, especially the elderly, he was keen to be involved.  As a result, 98% of the costs of the project, will be reimbursed to Prudhoe Town Council, from Cllr Stewart’s Members Local Improvement Scheme.

When deciding upon the type of seat that would be suitable, we had a number of considerations:

  • Visibility of the bus approaching from a seated position
  • Suitability for the elderly
  • Accessibility in terms of the seat itself and not restricting accessibility within the shelter
  • Being in keeping with the shelter
  • Cost

Seats have been installed in the following shelters:

  1. Cottier Grange, travelling East
  2. Cottier Grange, travelling West
  3. Priestclose Cottages, travelling West
  4. Waterworld, travelling East
  5. Waterworld, travelling West
  6. Parish Hall, travelling East

As part of the same project, we will shortly be installing a town seat outside the stone shelter at Priestclose Cottages (travelling east).  This was agreed following petitioned requests delivered by Mr Philip Tonkin.  Mr Tonkin is very grateful to those who supported his petition, especially Nisa Local at West Wylam Shopping Centre and The Falcon.  Mr Tonkin has asked for another seat as part of this petition; this request will be brought to a future meeting of the Council, for consideration as part of the 2020/21 budget.

Featured image shows (left to right)

Gary Fenwick, County Cllr Gordon Stewart, Mayor Cllr Tracy Gilmore, Nel Kingman, John Baron