Edgewell Cemeteries – Brown Garden Waste Bins

A green-minded resident made an environmentally-friendly suggestion for Edgewell Cemetery.  Following their idea, Prudhoe Town Council, in partnership with Northumberland County Council, is trialling brown garden waste bins.  These are now located alongside general waste bins, in the new and the old cemetery.

It is important that visitors to the cemeteries appreciate that like your own brown bin, these bins are not for general waste.  Wrapping and pots must be removed from flowers and plants before they are put in the brown bin.

What can I put in my garden waste bin?

Yes please No thanks
Grass cuttings Plastic bags or bin bags
Shrubs Plant pots or plastic trays
Leaves Kitchen waste or food waste
Weeds Soil, bricks or rubble
Flowers and plants Nappies
Hedge clippings Paper, plastic or cardboard
Prunings Textiles
Small branches Animal waste
Biodegrable or compostable bags
Children’s toys
Garden ornaments