The next meeting of Prudhoe Town Council will be held on Wednesday 27th October, at 7:00pm in The Spetchells Centre

Prudhoe Town Council is holding the October Ordinary meeting, including Planning, Contract and Works Committee on Wednesday 27th October, at 7:00pm in The Spetchells Centre.

The agenda and meeting papers are linked below.

The meeting is open to the press and public.  We ask that anyone who wishes to attend contacts the Clerk in advance and also reads the risk assessment and meeting guidelines.

AGENDA OM27102021


Enc ii) DRAFT REPORT HRM071021

Enc iii) DRAFT REPORT EOM071021

Enc iv) County Cllr Gordon Stewart Report (October)

Enc v ) Budget and Expenditure 2021-22 (October)

Enc vi) Bank Reconciliation – October 2021

Enc vii) ATP October 2021

Enc viii) PYP Progress Report to Prudhoe Town Council

Enc ix) Stomping Ground Summer School Report

Enc x) PGA Minutes October 2021

Enc xi) Report of the Northumberland Association of Local Councils 14 10 21

Enc xii) Kepwell Report PB

Enc xiii) Draft PCW080921


Enc xv) Clerk’s Report – Standpipes

Enc xvi) Clerk’s Note – Suspension of SO’s

Enc xvii) PGA extraordinary meeting 18th October 2021

Enc xviii) Clerk’s Note – A Christmas Tree for West Wylam