Investing in the town’s appearance for the benefit of residents and businesses and to attract visitors…

Prudhoe Town Council’s meeting last night agreed a significant investment in the Town’s street furniture.

Following receipt of a new inspection regime for Town Council assets and the results of an inspection of bus shelters and bins – there was spending to be agreed.

The Council’s commitment to Front Street was clear with an investment of over £10,000 to replace all litter bins and install a new Externiture City Lights bus shelter on The Glade.  Members take seriously their role in ensuring the Front Street is an attractive and welcoming environment.  Although litter bins may not be the most desirable asset, they are much needed and have been chosen to complement the black and gold planters and hanging basket columns.

The City Lights bus shelter is a higher specification than that installed elsewhere.  It has been chosen as the Council hopes to promote a clear message; that we want to welcome visitors and shoppers to our Front Street and to encourage the use of public transport throughout the town.

As well as a new bus shelter for The Glade, the Council agreed ‘in principle’ to provide two new bus shelters on Stonyflat Bank, travelling both east and west.  Residents in West Wylam are keen for shelters at these popular bus stops, and pending the landowner’s approval, we hope shelters will be installed.

Investment in bus shelters does not end with new provision.  The Council has agreed a series of works and refurbishment to many bus shelters in the town (full details are available in the July inspection).  This includes graffiti art by John Craggs and young people from West Northumberland Youth Service at the shelters on Adderlane Road and Woodburn Terrace.  Alongside a new shelter for Beaumont Terrace (travelling east).

The joy of a smart new litter bin expands throughout the town with plans for scheduled replacement over the next 3 years.  In the current financial year, this includes two bins in West Wylam, two in Castle and Eltringham, one at the West and one at Mickley, alongside those for Front Street.

Whilst the Town Council is making a large investment of over £20,000 in replacement litter bins over the next 3 years, there are no plans to provide additional litter bins.  Northumberland County Council are responsible for emptying bins as part of our neighbourhood services and have declared we are at capacity, with over 100 in Prudhoe and Mickley.

People need to get better at using the bins provided; there is no excuse for dropping litter or dog poo bags.  Northumberland County Council and volunteer group Prudhoe Ground Force look forward to the day when they have no discarded litter to collect.

Last but not least, Prudhoe Town Council agreed to purchase a very stylish seat for the area of the new pelican crossing on South Road and another for Orchard Hill.  This follows the removal of these seats which were unrecoverable.

It may take a little longer than usual for orders to be fulfilled and delivered, but rest assured Prudhoe Town Council will do its upmost to bring these improvements at the earliest opportunity.