Your opportunity to input ideas for Highfield Park Skate Park

Hot on the heels of the Council’s exciting announcement that our partner on Highfield Park Skate Park is CANVAS.  We are now asking users who want to ‘have a say’ to contact us so we can share login details for the info-hub.

The info-hub is our own personal online tool, where project information, specifically relating to design and development, can be found.   The info-hub allows you, the user group, to have involvement, ultimately resulting in a signed-off design that has had your input throughout.

The designs for initial discussion and inspiration, along with basic site information can be viewed.  3d views, plans and an interactive 3d model will allow you to view the design from any angle and will be updated with each design iteration with annotations describing the changes.

Prudhoe Town Council will control access to the info-hub, ensuring only genuine users comment and put forward ideas.  Without password protection we run the risk of comments by the masses diluting what genuine users want.   If you would like access to the hub please contact Sarah Eden.

Call or Text 07495856624


This is your opportunity to input your personal thoughts and vision for the space and to comment on any new design posts by CANVAS.  You will see a comments box at the bottom of the page.  You will need to complete this box, which includes your email address.  Your comments are recorded by CANVAS, but not posted publicly.

CANVAS will collate your incoming comments and work on the design revisions.  They will then upload the revised design for you to review and comment on.  The interactive model will include annotations describing the changes.  This two-way communication will take place on a regular basis.

CANVAS describe their info-hub in greater detail in the document linked below.  This is a truly collaborative approach and we cannot wait to hear from you.

Design Development Info Hub