Ordinary Meeting – 29th September 2021

Prudhoe Town Council will hold their September Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday 29th September 2021, commencing at 7:00pm, at The Spetchells Centre, Meeting Rooms 1 & 2, Front Street, Prudhoe, NE42 5AA.

The meeting is open to the press and public.  Our Risk Assessment requires that anyone who wishes to attend the meeting in person, reads the risk assessment and meeting guidelines in advance.


Enc i) Draft PCW080921

Enc ii) DRAFT REPORT HRM010921

Enc iii) Clerk’s Report – September

Enc iv) Prudhoe South – County Cllr GS Report (September 2021)

Enc iv) Prudhoe North – County Cllr AS Report (September 2021)

Enc v) Budget and Expenditure 2021-22 (Half-Year Review September)

Enc vi) Bank Reconciliation – August 2021

Enc vii) Bank Reconciliation – September 2021

Enc viii) ATPAugustSeptember2021

Enc ix) External Auditor Certificate NL0117 S3

Enc x) Notice of Conclusion of External Audit, year ending March 2021

Enc xi) Borderlands NCC First Report to Cabinet

Enc xii) Borderlands PTC Press Release, Aug 2021

Enc xiii) Prudhoe Town FC Letter

Enc xiv) NCC LTP 2022-23

Enc xv) LTP Database of Requests Accessible

Enc xvi) PGA Minutes September 2021 (with Clerk’s Notes)

Enc xvii) ETCF minsjuly21 (Accessible)

Enc xviii) On behalf of Cllr Glen Sanderson

Enc xix) Prudhoe Space for Nature